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Nottingham Forest
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Welcome to the Private memorabilia collection of theyflysohigh from Steve Marsh
 PlWDLFAFirst GameLast Game
Nottingham Forest11846274517318114 Jan 191105 Jan 2014
Date CompPosnOpposition F-AAtt
05 Jan 2014FA 3 Nottingham ForestA0-514,397
21 Jan 2012Chmp 1Nottingham ForestH2-131,718
28 Aug 2011Chmp 5Nottingham ForestA4-121,379
30 Jan 2011FA 4 Nottingham ForestH3-229,287
26 Dec 2004Chmp 6Nottingham ForestH3-232,270
26 Sep 2004Chmp 6Nottingham ForestA1-225,615
28 Dec 2003D1 7Nottingham ForestA2-027,491
22 Oct 2003D1 5Nottingham ForestH1-129,544
04 Jan 2003FA 3 Nottingham ForestH3-229,612
13 Feb 1999P 8Nottingham ForestH2-125,458
19 Sep 1998P 7Nottingham ForestA0-026,463
01 Jan 1997P 16Nottingham ForestH0-122,358
23 Oct 1996LC 3 Nottingham ForestH4-119,402
21 Sep 1996P 13Nottingham ForestA2-023,352
03 Feb 1996P 13Nottingham ForestH1-021,651
26 Aug 1995P 17Nottingham ForestA1-126,645
08 Apr 1995P 20Nottingham ForestA1-128,361
31 Dec 1994P 16Nottingham ForestH3-120,664
27 Oct 1993LC 3 Nottingham ForestA1-217,857
02 May 1992D1 22Nottingham ForestH3-020,629
28 Sep 1991D1 18Nottingham ForestA2-225,613
14 Apr 1991FA SF Nottingham ForestN0-440,041
18 May 1989D1 19Nottingham ForestA2-120,843
12 Nov 1988D1 18Nottingham ForestH3-321,583
20 Apr 1988D1 17Nottingham ForestA0-015,775
21 Nov 1987D1 13Nottingham ForestH3-217,216
14 Feb 1987D1 9Nottingham ForestA1-119,373
02 Sep 1986D1 6Nottingham ForestH1-221,305
02 Apr 1986D1 5Nottingham ForestA1-217,498
28 Sep 1985D1 13Nottingham ForestH4-214,540
30 Mar 1985D1 16Nottingham ForestA2-113,560
22 Sep 1984D1 7Nottingham ForestH0-017,434
12 May 1984D1 8Nottingham ForestH1-218,458
17 Dec 1983D1 3Nottingham ForestA0-314,440
15 Jan 1983D1 6Nottingham ForestA0-117,031
28 Aug 1982D1 17Nottingham ForestH1-224,796
27 Mar 1982D1 11Nottingham ForestH0-124,633
07 Nov 1981D1 6Nottingham ForestA0-026,327
12 Dec 1979LC 5 RNottingham ForestA0-325,462
04 Dec 1979LC 5 Nottingham ForestH0-035,856
04 Mar 1978D1 19Nottingham ForestA0-233,924
08 Oct 1977D1 20Nottingham ForestH0-026,128
30 Aug 1977LC 2 Nottingham ForestA0-518,224
18 Mar 1972D1 12Nottingham ForestH4-220,960
21 Aug 1971D1 22Nottingham ForestA0-117,185
10 Apr 1971D1 19Nottingham ForestA0-120,032
24 Feb 1971D1 20Nottingham ForestH2-035,601
27 Dec 1969D1 16Nottingham ForestH1-131,829
23 Sep 1969LC 3 Nottingham ForestA0-120,939
30 Aug 1969D1 13Nottingham ForestA0-127,097
08 Mar 1969D1 6Nottingham ForestA1-024,303
17 Aug 1968D1 2Nottingham ForestH1-031,114
16 Apr 1968D1 15Nottingham ForestA1-122,189
12 Apr 1968D1 15Nottingham ForestH3-036,589
18 Mar 1967D1 14Nottingham ForestA0-131,426
26 Oct 1966D1 12Nottingham ForestH3-122,982
01 Jan 1966D1 17Nottingham ForestH0-325,131
09 Oct 1965D1 20Nottingham ForestA0-519,262
19 Dec 1964D1 5Nottingham ForestA2-320,009
28 Aug 1964D1 3Nottingham ForestH2-326,852
17 Sep 1963D1 10Nottingham ForestA1-325,741
09 Sep 1963D1 9Nottingham ForestH0-226,282
22 Apr 1963D1 10Nottingham ForestH4-118,179
29 Dec 1962D1 11Nottingham ForestA4-318,660
13 Jan 1962D1 5Nottingham ForestA0-320,537
02 Sep 1961D1 7Nottingham ForestH3-223,795
08 Apr 1961D1 16Nottingham ForestA1-123,083
19 Nov 1960D1 11Nottingham ForestH2-421,047
27 Feb 1960D1 12Nottingham ForestA1-326,465
05 Dec 1959D1 3Nottingham ForestH4-125,765
31 Jan 1959D1 9Nottingham ForestH5-326,769
13 Sep 1958D1 5Nottingham ForestA0-430,307
15 Apr 1957D2 8Nottingham ForestA0-324,251
25 Dec 1956D2 10Nottingham ForestH2-116,300
18 Apr 1956D2 15Nottingham ForestA0-015,739
19 Nov 1955D2 17Nottingham ForestH1-217,121
02 May 1955D2 8Nottingham ForestA1-15,825
09 Oct 1954D2 9Nottingham ForestH2-025,203
20 Feb 1954D2 12Nottingham ForestH1-120,400
03 Oct 1953D2 7Nottingham ForestA0-423,167
07 Mar 1953D2 12Nottingham ForestA0-018,088
18 Oct 1952D2 14Nottingham ForestH3-221,444
22 Mar 1952D2 14Nottingham ForestH3-123,129
03 Nov 1951D2 17Nottingham ForestA0-020,743
30 Apr 1949D2 6Nottingham ForestH0-512,349
04 Dec 1948D2 13Nottingham ForestA0-323,218
03 Jan 1948D2 10Nottingham ForestA1-226,141
30 Aug 1947D2 13Nottingham ForestH2-119,416
05 Apr 1947D2 16Nottingham ForestA3-422,888
30 Nov 1946D2 20Nottingham ForestH2-214,652
16 Mar 19462WrS Nottingham ForestH1-318,000
09 Mar 19462WrS Nottingham ForestA1-122,000
18 Feb 1939D2 12Nottingham ForestH5-015,472
15 Oct 1938D2 12Nottingham ForestA0-017,449
19 Mar 1938D2 6Nottingham ForestH2-122,426
06 Nov 1937D2 4Nottingham ForestA0-014,801
06 Feb 1937D2 11Nottingham ForestH2-226,068
03 Oct 1936D2 16Nottingham ForestA0-120,326
04 Jan 1936D2 7Nottingham ForestA2-014,035
07 Sep 1935D2 14Nottingham ForestH5-227,566
05 Jan 1935D2 4Nottingham ForestA0-216,506
01 Sep 1934D2 16Nottingham ForestH3-118,549
24 Feb 1934D2 12Nottingham ForestH2-114,594
14 Oct 1933D2 5Nottingham ForestA1-09,450
15 Apr 1933D2 20Nottingham ForestH4-316,925
03 Dec 1932D2 20Nottingham ForestA2-27,399
02 Apr 1925D1 9Nottingham ForestH0-05,000
31 Jan 1925FA 2 Nottingham ForestA2-010,590
18 Oct 1924D1 13Nottingham ForestA1-218,000
22 Dec 1923D1 14Nottingham ForestH3-215,000
15 Dec 1923D1 15Nottingham ForestA1-210,000
29 Oct 1921D2 8Nottingham ForestA0-215,000
22 Oct 1921D2 5Nottingham ForestH1-020,000
02 Apr 1921D2 5Nottingham ForestA0-122,000
26 Mar 1921D2 5Nottingham ForestH3-020,000
05 Apr 1920D2 7Nottingham ForestA1-210,000
02 Apr 1920D2 6Nottingham ForestH5-120,000
14 Jan 1911FA 1 Nottingham ForestH2-112,000
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