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Welcome to the Private memorabilia collection of theyflysohigh from Steve Marsh
 PlWDLFAFirst GameLast Game
Newcastle United13642385618620901 Feb 190812 Sep 2020
Date CompPosnOpposition F-AAtt
12 Sep 2020P 7Newcastle UnitedH0-20
05 Jul 2020P 16Newcastle UnitedA2-20
02 Nov 2019P 12Newcastle UnitedH2-359,907
02 Mar 2019P 9Newcastle UnitedH2-059,910
01 Dec 2018P 13Newcastle UnitedA3-051,853
23 Dec 2017P 17Newcastle UnitedH2-356,955
26 Aug 2017P 20Newcastle UnitedA0-352,093
16 Jan 2016P 5Newcastle UnitedA1-250,031
14 Sep 2015P 5Newcastle UnitedH2-034,907
24 May 2015P 12Newcastle UnitedA0-252,094
29 Nov 2014P 5Newcastle UnitedH1-034,977
18 Jan 2014P 18Newcastle UnitedH1-333,343
24 Aug 2013P 3Newcastle UnitedA0-049,622
04 May 2013P 10Newcastle UnitedH0-034,962
11 Nov 2012P 6Newcastle UnitedA1-051,855
05 Jan 2011P 20Newcastle UnitedA0-542,387
23 Oct 2010P 20Newcastle UnitedH1-234,486
10 Jan 2009P 10Newcastle UnitedA2-247,571
20 Sep 2008P 4Newcastle UnitedH3-134,743
26 Apr 2008P 10Newcastle UnitedH2-234,980
23 Sep 2007P 7Newcastle UnitedA1-350,104
20 Jan 2007P 18Newcastle UnitedA2-252,095
17 Sep 2006P 11Newcastle UnitedH0-234,938
17 Dec 2005P 9Newcastle UnitedH2-434,836
20 Aug 2005P 4Newcastle UnitedA0-051,620
11 Jan 2003P 19Newcastle UnitedH2-235,048
19 Aug 2002P 20Newcastle UnitedA0-451,072
27 Apr 2002P 8Newcastle UnitedA1-351,127
23 Sep 2001P 15Newcastle UnitedH3-024,810
16 Apr 2001P 14Newcastle UnitedA1-251,107
28 Oct 2000P 15Newcastle UnitedH1-026,044
12 Apr 2000P 8Newcastle UnitedH2-125,817
03 Jan 2000P 11Newcastle UnitedA2-236,314
20 Mar 1999P 5Newcastle UnitedH2-025,997
31 Oct 1998P 8Newcastle UnitedA3-036,744
07 Feb 1998P 8Newcastle UnitedA1-036,736
20 Sep 1997P 6Newcastle UnitedH0-125,884
06 May 1997P 12Newcastle UnitedH0-024,617
16 Nov 1996P 12Newcastle UnitedA1-136,552
18 Mar 1996P 11Newcastle UnitedA0-336,331
21 Feb 1996P 11Newcastle UnitedH2-023,843
08 Mar 1995P 19Newcastle UnitedA0-234,595
31 Aug 1994P 21Newcastle UnitedH1-317,375
19 Mar 1994P 14Newcastle UnitedH2-423,132
25 Sep 1993P 18Newcastle UnitedA0-234,179
21 Feb 1993D1 2Newcastle UnitedH0-024,159
29 Aug 1992D1 18Newcastle UnitedA0-229,891
24 Apr 1991D2 1Newcastle UnitedH1-124,195
22 Sep 1990D2 3Newcastle UnitedA1-125,462
28 Apr 1990D2 7Newcastle UnitedA1-231,461
11 Nov 1989D2 7Newcastle UnitedH0-025,892
03 May 1989D1 20Newcastle UnitedA2-114,445
22 Oct 1988D1 19Newcastle UnitedH2-017,765
07 May 1988D1 16Newcastle UnitedA1-223,862
19 Dec 1987D1 9Newcastle UnitedH2-118,675
02 May 1987D1 15Newcastle UnitedH1-117,844
30 Nov 1986D1 7Newcastle UnitedA0-423,151
21 Apr 1986D1 3Newcastle UnitedH8-124,734
05 Oct 1985D1 11Newcastle UnitedA2-126,957
02 Feb 1985D1 13Newcastle UnitedH1-117,807
29 Sep 1984D1 8Newcastle UnitedA1-129,966
07 Mar 1981D2 1Newcastle UnitedH1-027,174
04 Oct 1980D2 3Newcastle UnitedA0-024,866
15 Mar 1980D2 8Newcastle UnitedA0-025,474
06 Oct 1979D2 16Newcastle UnitedH1-123,206
24 Mar 1979D2 5Newcastle UnitedH5-024,650
23 Aug 1978D2 1Newcastle UnitedA3-027,167
21 Jan 1978D1 19Newcastle UnitedH1-025,461
03 Sep 1977D1 18Newcastle UnitedA3-226,942
16 Apr 1977D1 21Newcastle UnitedA0-330,967
20 Nov 1976D1 22Newcastle UnitedH1-221,324
13 Mar 1976D1 11Newcastle UnitedA1-232,868
11 Oct 1975D1 3Newcastle UnitedH2-130,828
28 Feb 1975D1 10Newcastle UnitedH0-132,753
31 Aug 1974D1 18Newcastle UnitedA0-230,782
19 Jan 1974D1 19Newcastle UnitedA1-127,217
25 Aug 1973D1 14Newcastle UnitedH1-228,169
07 Apr 1973D1 5Newcastle UnitedA2-124,075
02 Dec 1972D1 7Newcastle UnitedH1-123,785
18 Dec 1971D1 13Newcastle UnitedH0-121,991
04 Sep 1971D1 12Newcastle UnitedA2-231,972
24 Apr 1971D1 20Newcastle UnitedA1-122,790
19 Sep 1970D1 20Newcastle UnitedH0-225,841
02 Mar 1970D1 17Newcastle UnitedA1-427,726
09 Aug 1969D1 7Newcastle UnitedH1-033,323
01 Mar 1969D1 5Newcastle UnitedH3-126,336
10 Aug 1968D1 12Newcastle UnitedA1-137,307
06 Apr 1968D1 17Newcastle UnitedH5-027,681
11 Nov 1967D1 19Newcastle UnitedA0-132,869
26 Apr 1967D1 14Newcastle UnitedA0-138,863
19 Nov 1966D1 8Newcastle UnitedH3-031,240
08 Jan 1966D1 17Newcastle UnitedA1-231,754
11 Dec 1965D1 17Newcastle UnitedH4-323,758
01 Apr 1961D1 15Newcastle UnitedH1-118,997
10 Dec 1960D1 8Newcastle UnitedA5-520,106
20 Feb 1960D1 11Newcastle UnitedH3-527,073
03 Oct 1959D1 5Newcastle UnitedA0-041,924
30 Mar 1959D1 6Newcastle UnitedA1-320,911
27 Mar 1959D1 5Newcastle UnitedH3-034,619
28 Feb 1948D2 8Newcastle UnitedH0-233,788
11 Oct 1947D2 7Newcastle UnitedA0-155,767
26 May 1947D2 11Newcastle UnitedA3-230,112
02 Nov 1946D2 18Newcastle UnitedH0-232,617
25 Feb 1939D2 12Newcastle UnitedA0-229,587
22 Oct 1938D2 13Newcastle UnitedH1-126,721
12 Mar 1938D2 9Newcastle UnitedA2-222,361
30 Oct 1937D2 4Newcastle UnitedH1-029,915
09 Sep 1936D2 19Newcastle UnitedA3-523,560
31 Aug 1936D2 13Newcastle UnitedH0-221,854
21 Mar 1936D2 1Newcastle UnitedH4-137,298
02 Nov 1935D2 13Newcastle UnitedA3-322,873
23 Feb 1935D2 3Newcastle UnitedA0-327,439
13 Oct 1934D2 5Newcastle UnitedH3-226,799
30 Jan 1932D1 18Newcastle UnitedA2-231,942
19 Sep 1931D1 15Newcastle UnitedH2-121,558
26 Jan 1931D1 6Newcastle UnitedH3-29,090
20 Sep 1930D1 12Newcastle UnitedA2-418,971
03 May 1930D1 7Newcastle UnitedA0-139,389
09 Sep 1929D1 4Newcastle UnitedH5-115,536
26 Dec 1928D1 14Newcastle UnitedA0-143,237
25 Dec 1928D1 11Newcastle UnitedH1-023,794
05 May 1928D1 17Newcastle UnitedA1-317,909
24 Dec 1927D1 10Newcastle UnitedH5-219,296
23 Apr 1927D1 6Newcastle UnitedH1-129,722
04 Dec 1926D1 12Newcastle UnitedA0-235,079
06 Feb 1926D1 18Newcastle UnitedA1-427,034
26 Sep 1925D1 4Newcastle UnitedH1-024,722
17 Sep 1924D1 11Newcastle UnitedA1-425,000
08 Sep 1924D1 6Newcastle UnitedH0-020,000
13 Oct 1923D1 14Newcastle UnitedA0-030,000
06 Oct 1923D1 14Newcastle UnitedH1-030,000
16 Jan 1915FA 1 RNewcastle UnitedA2-328,130
09 Jan 1915FA 1 Newcastle UnitedH2-215,000
24 Feb 1909FA 3 RNewcastle UnitedA1-236,500
20 Feb 1909FA 3 Newcastle UnitedH0-017,000
01 Feb 1908FA 2 Newcastle UnitedA0-247,000
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much respect to John Northcutt, Roy Shoesmith, Jack Helliar, John Helliar, Tony Hogg, Tony Brown, Fred Loveday, Andrew Loveday, Steve Bacon, Steve Marsh and all past/current West Ham players and supporters