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Welcome to the Private memorabilia collection of theyflysohigh from Steve Marsh
 PlWDLFAFirst GameLast Game
Leeds United10629294815117829 Jan 192108 Mar 2021
Date CompPosnOpposition F-AAtt
08 Mar 2021P 5Leeds UnitedH2-00
11 Dec 2020P 5Leeds UnitedA2-10
17 Mar 2012Chmp 3Leeds UnitedA1-133,366
21 Aug 2011Chmp 7Leeds UnitedH2-228,252
26 Feb 2005Chmp 6Leeds UnitedA1-234,115
10 Dec 2004Chmp 5Leeds UnitedH1-130,684
08 Feb 2003P 19Leeds UnitedA0-140,126
10 Nov 2002P 18Leeds UnitedH3-433,297
01 Jan 2002P 11Leeds UnitedA0-339,320
25 Aug 2001P 17Leeds UnitedH0-024,517
21 Apr 2001P 14Leeds UnitedH0-226,041
18 Nov 2000P 11Leeds UnitedA1-040,005
14 May 2000P 9Leeds UnitedH0-026,044
30 Oct 1999P 12Leeds UnitedA0-140,190
01 May 1999P 6Leeds UnitedH1-525,997
05 Dec 1998P 5Leeds UnitedA0-436,320
30 Mar 1998P 7Leeds UnitedH3-024,107
23 Nov 1997P 15Leeds UnitedA1-329,447
01 Mar 1997P 18Leeds UnitedA0-130,575
20 Jan 1997P 18Leeds UnitedH0-219,441
13 Jan 1996P 14Leeds UnitedA0-230,472
19 Aug 1995P 14Leeds UnitedH1-222,901
10 Dec 1994P 19Leeds UnitedA2-228,987
20 Aug 1994P 14Leeds UnitedH0-018,610
08 Dec 1993P 10Leeds UnitedH0-120,468
17 Aug 1993P 22Leeds UnitedA0-134,588
28 Mar 1992D1 22Leeds UnitedA0-031,101
01 Jan 1992D1 21Leeds UnitedH1-321,766
17 Mar 1990D2 10Leeds UnitedA2-340,494
07 Oct 1989D2 10Leeds UnitedH0-123,539
24 Apr 1982D1 8Leeds UnitedH4-324,748
28 Nov 1981D1 6Leeds UnitedA3-325,637
08 Apr 1978D1 18Leeds UnitedA2-122,953
26 Nov 1977D1 20Leeds UnitedH0-126,853
26 Apr 1977D1 21Leeds UnitedA1-116,891
06 Oct 1976D1 21Leeds UnitedH1-321,909
09 Mar 1976D1 8Leeds UnitedA1-128,451
23 Feb 1976D1 7Leeds UnitedH1-128,025
11 Jan 1975D1 9Leeds UnitedA1-240,099
07 Dec 1974D1 5Leeds UnitedH2-139,562
30 Mar 1974D1 18Leeds UnitedH3-138,416
03 Nov 1973D1 21Leeds UnitedA1-435,869
14 Apr 1973D1 5Leeds UnitedH1-138,804
09 Dec 1972D1 9Leeds UnitedA0-130,270
31 Mar 1972D1 12Leeds UnitedH2-241,003
20 Oct 1971LC 3 RLeeds UnitedA1-026,504
06 Oct 1971LC 3 Leeds UnitedH0-035,890
02 Oct 1971D1 10Leeds UnitedA0-030,942
16 Jan 1971D1 20Leeds UnitedH2-334,407
26 Aug 1970D1 16Leeds UnitedA0-342,677
02 Apr 1970D1 15Leeds UnitedH2-226,228
17 Dec 1969D1 17Leeds UnitedA1-430,699
14 Dec 1968D1 5Leeds UnitedH1-124,418
12 Oct 1968D1 6Leeds UnitedA0-240,686
10 Feb 1968D1 16Leeds UnitedA1-241,814
30 Sep 1967D1 15Leeds UnitedH0-029,760
22 Apr 1967D1 14Leeds UnitedH0-125,429
26 Nov 1966D1 11Leeds UnitedA1-237,382
07 Nov 1966LC 4 Leeds UnitedH7-027,474
05 Feb 1966D1 18Leeds UnitedA0-533,112
28 Aug 1965D1 14Leeds UnitedH2-127,995
03 Apr 1965D1 10Leeds UnitedA1-241,918
21 Nov 1964D1 6Leeds UnitedH3-128,163
16 Jan 1960D1 8Leeds UnitedA0-315,284
05 Sep 1959D1 4Leeds UnitedH1-227,777
25 Apr 1959D1 6Leeds UnitedA0-111,257
06 Dec 1958D1 12Leeds UnitedH2-322,022
14 Jan 1956D2 18Leeds UnitedH1-120,000
10 Sep 1955D2 19Leeds UnitedA3-321,855
05 Mar 1955D2 7Leeds UnitedH2-119,664
16 Oct 1954D2 10Leeds UnitedA1-221,074
06 Feb 1954D2 10Leeds UnitedH5-215,585
19 Sep 1953D2 2Leeds UnitedA2-128,635
07 Feb 1953D2 11Leeds UnitedA2-317,680
20 Sep 1952D2 9Leeds UnitedH2-222,437
26 Jan 1952D2 15Leeds UnitedA1-332,297
22 Sep 1951D2 16Leeds UnitedH2-019,464
26 Dec 1950D2 10Leeds UnitedA0-233,162
25 Dec 1950D2 9Leeds UnitedH3-119,519
31 Aug 1949D2 5Leeds UnitedA2-229,732
22 Aug 1949D2 4Leeds UnitedH3-124,728
27 Dec 1948D2 9Leeds UnitedA3-132,577
25 Dec 1948D2 12Leeds UnitedH3-220,660
24 Apr 1948D2 6Leeds UnitedH2-113,549
06 Dec 1947D2 6Leeds UnitedA1-221,866
21 Mar 1931D1 12Leeds UnitedA0-311,611
15 Nov 1930D1 7Leeds UnitedH1-116,612
22 Mar 1930D1 9Leeds UnitedH3-018,351
25 Jan 1930FA 4 Leeds UnitedH4-134,000
16 Nov 1929D1 7Leeds UnitedA3-118,582
09 Feb 1929D1 16Leeds UnitedH8-218,055
29 Sep 1928D1 6Leeds UnitedA1-429,423
30 Apr 1927D1 6Leeds UnitedA3-610,997
11 Dec 1926D1 11Leeds UnitedH3-220,924
30 Jan 1926D1 15Leeds UnitedH4-217,246
19 Sep 1925D1 3Leeds UnitedA2-516,433
07 Mar 1925D1 13Leeds UnitedH0-015,000
01 Nov 1924D1 15Leeds UnitedA1-214,000
06 Feb 1924FA 2 RLeeds UnitedA0-131,071
02 Feb 1924FA 2 Leeds UnitedH1-130,123
11 Nov 1922D2 18Leeds UnitedH0-015,000
04 Nov 1922D2 18Leeds UnitedA1-312,000
28 Jan 1922D2 2Leeds UnitedH1-120,000
21 Jan 1922D2 3Leeds UnitedA0-07,000
05 Feb 1921D2 4Leeds UnitedH3-023,000
29 Jan 1921D2 5Leeds UnitedA2-115,000
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